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Nylon, Stainless Steel, Mixed Combo brushes.
12" Stinger by Pool Pals Mini Brush
$ 14.46
Stinger by Pool Pals 12" Poly Bristles Brush with end-caps.   Use on vinyl or plaster.   Gets in the corners better than a larger pool brush.   Perfect for spas, fountains or ponds.
17" Classic All Purpose Brush
$ 16.16 $ 19.99
17" Classic All Purpose Brush by Oreq Corp. is made with poly bristles. This brush comes with an easy spring clip in order to quickly and easily attach the brush to your pole. Its poly bristles allow this brush to effectively and gently clean your pool’s bottom. With a width of 17" this brush enables you to clean your pool quickly saving you time and energy.  Perfect for use by homeowners in between service visits.
18" Stinger by Pool Pals Combo/Mixed Brush
$ 23.77 $ 27.99
Stinger Combo Mixed Brush 18" UV protected Grit/Poly Bristles Straight body sleeve gives full bristle contact Includes spring clip Replaceable handle Debris magnets on each end 50% more bristle count 40% more stronger 25% lighter
22" Animal Pro Plaster Brush
$ 30.54
Animal Pro Plaster Brush 22" Use on plaster and cement surfaces Great for corner brushing with our exclusive end-cap design Straight body gives full bristle contact Grit/Poly Bristles
Stainless Steel 10" Brush
$ 18.20 $ 20.86
Classic Stainless Steel 10" Brush with metal handle by Oreq Corp.
Stainless Steel 5" Brush
$ 10.10
5" Classic Algae Brush with stainless steel bristles by Oreq Corp.
TropiClear Aluminium 18" Pool Brush
$ 29.73
TropiClear's 18" Swimming Pool & Spa Brush has sturdy bristles and is made of strong die-cast aluminum back plastic block.